Third Sun Solar installers on a school rooftop.

Third Sun Solar installers on a school rooftop.

At Third Sun Solar, we have 14 years of experience and more than 400 successful clean energy installations. We guide our customers toward the best solar solution, and that is our definition of success: we make solar pay off—in the short term and the long run—for every one of our customers. Our customer comments attest to that.

At Third Sun Solar, we make “going solar” easy and enjoyable. Let us know how we can help you power your enterprise or your home with clean solar power.

Experience and the Long View

Rooftop solar

A high-efficiency solar installation on a factory rooftop.

Solar technology has been around for 60 years, and has matured to the point of very high reliability. But doing solar right requires an experienced system integrator who can make sure your solar energy system generates all the power it should, and delivers the best return on investment.

We help our customers understand and select the best solar solution for their needs. We provide efficient, productive solutions.

Safety and Efficiency

Today’s solar technology is safe and cost effective, and offers benefits well beyond the bottom line. Helping you harvest clean solar energy safely and efficiently is our job.

That’s what we do. We deliver a smooth transition to solar power at any scale.

Making Solar Mainstream

Third Sun Solar installers

Third Sun Solar installers at work.

Third Sun Solar has successfully designed and installed thousands of watts of solar energy for schools, parks, universities, non-profits and on city, county and federal facilities.

Whether you are a business, a school, a unit of government, or a non-profit institution, understanding and implementing a renewable energy project can feel like a complicated and risk-filled endeavor. With Third Sun Solar at your side, it can be enjoyable and worry free.

When it has to be done right, call Third Sun Solar for a complete turn-key solution. We will be happy to provide design-build services, respond to an existing bid, or work with your architect to develop bid specifications.

We Handle Everything

Third Sun Solar truck and trailer

One of our vans on a job site.

Our services include initial consulting, project design, assistance with grant applications, regulatory compliance and program management. We have experience with publicly-financed projects and we are fully compliant with safety programs, engineering and permitting, prevailing wage reporting, and public bidding requirements.

We’ll Help You Share Your Solar Success with the World

A solar energy project is about more than just stabilizing energy costs in an operating budget.

A solar monitor app

A smartphone app shows energy produced in real time.

Third Sun Solar has experience providing data monitoring and educational systems that give meaning to these systems for all stakeholders. Let us show the “how, what and why” behind your project with graphics and signage, an on-sight kiosk and a web-based data system. You can even monitor your system’s performance with a smartphone app.

We also offer a free Public Relations Support program to get the word out about your solar energy system to local media. Solar is newsworthy, and turning on your solar energy system can become a nice PR event that can attract positive news coverage for your business, organization, or your house! Ask us about how we can help make that happen.

Ground-mounted solar panels

A small, ground-mounted solar energy system.

Installing a Third Sun Solar system is easy. Using one feels great.

We make the process of installing a renewable energy project simple. You can rest easy knowing that your on-site clean power plant will wake up every morning and go to work for you, day in and day out, year after year.