Powering On at Assurant

Solar at Assurant

Our 1.7MW Solar Installation at Assurant

The Third Sun Solar 1.76 megawatt installation at the Assurant Specialty Property Service Center in Springfield, Ohio has passed its string tests and is ready to officially go online. We will cut the ribbon on Monday, April 22 at 2pm with officials from Assurant, Springfield Mayor Warren Copeland, State Representative Ross McGregor, and Austin Bingham of U.S. House Speaker John Boehner’s office in attendance. This large solar array, comprising rooftop and parking lot shade canopy components, is now the largest solar installation in the Springfield area. In completing this project with the participation of Tangent Energy and Third Sun Solar, Assurant is making a major statement of corporate responsibility and sustainability. We were proud to team with Assurant, Tangent Energy, and all involved in this large corporate solar project.

Solar at Assurant

Our parking lot solar shade canopies at Assurant Specialty Property in Springfield

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