Solar & Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Energy subsidies compared

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  1. Kurt Nostrant
    Kurt Nostrant says:

    Would like to know if AEP still has monies available to assist homeowners with the cost of installing solar panels.

  2. gkelly
    gkelly says:

    Yes, AEP still has funds available under their Renewable Energy Technology Program (RETP) — if you’re an AEP customer, you may qualify for a rebate of up to 50% of your clean solar energy system cost. This program pays you for 15 years of renewable energy credits (RECs)
    in one lump sum, as soon as your solar energy system is installed & certified.

    Add clean solar now through Third Sun Solar and get this direct payment from AEP. Call us for details — 740-397-3111 extension 59.

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