Matt from Upper Arlington, Ohio

We had a tremendous experience with Third Sun Solar. As I met with several solar companies I was quickly drawn toward Third Sun as they helped empower me with knowledge about solar energy so I could make the best decision for my family. Once we decided to work with Third Sun, they were professional and easy to work with throughout the entire process. We love our solar energy system and can’t give a more positive recommendation to Third Sun!

Don from Orient, Ohio

We were genuinely impressed and grateful for the combination of professionalism, knowledge, and kindness that each member of the Third Sun Solar team displayed, from their initial contact with us to the installation and follow-up assistance in setting up the SRECs. The preferences we had for the number of modules, and the location we wanted for the inverter, were all considered by the team, and any questions we had were thoughtfully answered, so we were always informed and aware of every aspect of the process. Today, we are delighted to see the modules generating power for us, and we are grateful to the wonderful people at Third Sun Solar for the work they did in making it possible.

Patrick from Westerville, Ohio

I have a home with a complex electrical system that includes a whole home backup generator, multiple sub panels, and an external garage where the solar panels were installed. Third Sun easily was able to install a great 33 panel system that works flawlessly. They were very professional and responsive from day one. I have no regrets. They delivered exactly what they said they would, and actually started and finished the project early. Very well run company.

Ken from Athens, Ohio

Even with their large-scale success, Third Sun caters well to small residential customers, working hard to remain flexible and helpful. The work crew was great, very dedicated, and approachable. Their expertise shows, and our array is working great. Wonderful experience, from first contact, to “flipping the switch”. Thanks!

Glenn from Oberlin, Ohio

My wife and I have been interested in solar power for some time, and had a chance to attend a public information meeting organized by our local solar co-op, which itself was “in formation.” Third Sun was part of the presentation. The information provided made it clear that solar power was worth further exploration. We arranged to have an initial feasibility assessment on our home, and after that a detailed assessment to determine specifications, a cost-benefits projection, and structural review of the home. None of this involved more than a couple of hours. We received and reviewed a detailed proposal for the system, including performance projections and installation costs. The proposal and contract were remarkably clear, specific, and fair, including contingency provisions for unanticipated events. Installation was scheduled within a certain timeframe (making allowances for weather, etc.) and a target date was determined about a week or two in advance. Installation took 1 1/2 days (2 1/2 had been anticipated). In our case there was little need even to come inside the house (a vent pipe had to be relocated in the attic, and the inverter was installed in the garage). The system was inspected and approved on the morning of the third day, and we’ve been delighted ever since.

Travis from Thornville, Ohio

As a mechanical engineer I’m always looking for ways to save on energy consumption and money. I’ve always had my eye on solar, but didn’t think it was quite where it needed to be to make it cost effective. I was wrong. I sat with Third Sun Solar at the Columbus Home and Garden show in February of this year just to see where things were at with solar. I really had no expectation about making a decision about solar that day, but when the consultant ran the numbers and answered my questions, I thought, wow, this makes sense. Certainly being able to reduce your family’s impact on the environment is a wonderful thing, but if it’s unaffordable, it’s not really an option. I was still expecting the 18-20 year payback on the investment. I was surprised to learn that I could get that down to a 10-11 year payback with the federal tax credit and the State of Ohio Eco-Link. That put me in the range of a 9 to 10 percent return on investment without any risk. At that point I knew I was going to proceed with a solar project. By June 6th I had 10 kW system with 37 panels on my roof producing power. Third Sun took care of all the details. The installation took about 3 sunny days and looked great when finished.

Steven from Cincinnati, Ohio

The customer education provided by Third Sun was helpful and complete. The estimate was fair, well-explained, and without any hidden extras. They were flexible with scheduling the installation, and kept to the schedule once established. The work crew was pleasant and professional. It all went without a hitch.

Louis from North Union, Ohio

I’ve studied solar energy back in the 70’s when attending college, always wanted to experience alternative, clean energy. I have considered installations at my home in an old neighborhood, tall old houses, lots of old growth trees, not practical. I convinced my parents to consider an installation in their rural home where they have adequate open roof space, and all of their power is electric. After getting a quote from Third Sun, we decided it would be a great investment, not just financially, but from a sustainability, reduce carbon footprint perspective. After the install, and the bills settled out, my parents have enjoyed getting all of their energy from the sun and actually getting a credit on their electric bill (this is just through the summer). At some point we will consider converting the system to an off-grid arrangement but for now we are able to enjoy the cost savings and the satisfaction of creating clean renewable energy to serve our needs.

Patti from Columbus, Indiana

I had been interested in using solar to provide electricity for both financial and environmental reasons. My husband and I built a home in the Colorado mountains in the 1980’s and had investigated using some sort of solar to provide electricity. At that time, solar energy systems were in their infancy and were not affordable or very efficient.

Several years later we moved back to Indiana and because of the fact that Indiana does not have the amount of daily sunlight as Colorado, we did not really think that a solar type system would be efficient enough to offset the cost. Our local city in Indiana (which has a history of being “progressive”) had formed a panel to investigate solar energy and to help local residents with the planning and installation. After extensive research, the panel formed a “partnership” with Third Sun Solar to provide both information and incentives for local residents to “go solar”.

I contacted one of the the local panel members, attended a meeting, and was immediately sold on the idea of installing solar panels on my home, Third Sun Solar was there with me all the way through the process. Their agents provided me with a detailed written description of the solar system I would be installing, cost analysis, and timeline for the process. The entire process went just as described….and I have to say we are very pleased with our new system.

So far we have noticed a big reduction in our electric bills and the system actually looks great, Not to mention the environmental impact that this system will have over the years, I highly recommend the installation and use of a solar powered system for any home and can honestly say that my experience with Third Sun Solar was fantastic….from start to finish!!!

Mark from Sunbury, Ohio

Overall , it was a great experience- from initial sales meet all the way throughout installation. Looking forward to see what I can save and it feels good to try and do my part to steer away from consuming coal produced power. I hope my children and friends realize that this technology is a big part of our future!