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About Us

What began in an attic decades ago has turned into a diverse team of experts passionate about bringing sustainable energy to Ohio and beyond. At Third Sun Kokosing Solar, we believe our story, our mission, and our people lead to better solar solutions and are what set us apart. Learn more about us and how we can help you go solar today.

Our Mission

Accelerate the shift to clean energy. Our approach to business is based on four core values:

We believe that business can be a force for good, and that we are very lucky to earn our livelihoods in a way that makes the planet a better place.  In addition to serving our customers, we believe in the important role we have in serving and supporting each other, along with our communities and the other stakeholders we work with.  Third Sun Solar is a different kind of company, and our customers see this as our people take genuine pride in delivering the very best solar solutions. 

Every one of our team members is passionate about solar. It shows in every Third Sun Solar project. We do what it takes to ensure the delivery of the finest system and the best customer experience. Our experience allows us to work intelligently and efficiently, providing greater value for our customer’s investment. Our team takes pride in their dedication to do what it takes to get things done right. That is the Third Sun Solar way. 

Third Sun Solar is filled with dependable, honest and reliable people. We keep our promises and strive to do it right the first time.  Modern solar is about more than idealism — it is a practical and cost-effective technology. We understand that the decision to go solar may sometimes seem daunting. Our high integrity approach sets us apart from less established companies that may not be around to answer questions or provide follow up service during the 25-35 years of system operation. 

Third Sun Solar has many years behind us and a bright future ahead. Our hunger for knowledge and continuous improvement keeps us at the top of our ever-evolving industry. Our staff are on the pulse of cutting-edge solar advancements, so you don’t have to be. We believe in solar, and we know that it can only truly succeed as a clean energy solution if it is economically competitive. We strive for greatness and are not satisfied with the status quo. 

Our Story

About 25 years ago, Michelle and Geoff Greenfield began to build a sustainable home on a piece of rural land in southeast Ohio beyond the utility Grid power. They knew they wanted to go solar but the only solar experts they found were in California.

With the same determination that was driving the rest of their modern homesteading project, the couple poured over the available books and magazines and took on their first solar project for their home at “Hooper Ridge”.  The choices and options seemed overwhelming at first but Geoff patiently gathered information, pushing past the marketing hype to discover what really worked, and how the components would best match up for an “optimized” design.  People who had heard about the Greenfields’ energy independence started coming to them for advice, and Geoff helped install several systems on the weekends, gaining both experience and his first referrals, a key to the company’s future growth.

With a toddler, a baby and a partly finished home,  the Greenfield’s decided to pursue their passion for solar solutions and Geoff left has job with a housing non-profit to go all in on solar.  In 2000, Third Sun Solar was founded in the attic of their home along with a pickup truck and a cell phone.  As the interest in solar grew, so did the company, and today Third Sun Solar has become a respected national leader and a household name in Ohio.

While the technology and economics of solar sure have changed over the years, the DNA at the heart of Third Sun Solar hasn’t. Driven by a mission to Accelerate the Shift to Clean Energy, our team still is focused on the best technology, optimized design, and a customer experience that earns referrals.

As the solar decade began and the demand for solar became much more than even a rapidly growing company could deliver, the Greenfields knew that a giant leap was needed to address the massive energy transition. With a focus on their original mission, the Greenfields sought out a partner that had the right people capacity and values to keep accelerating the shift to clean energy.

With aligned values and a focus on people as their core asset, Kokosing Inc. was the obvious choice. The Kokosing family of companies had grown from humble Ohio beginnings 71 years ago to become one of the top construction companies in the nation.

Kokosing is one of the largest family-owned construction companies in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. Known for unwavering integrity and exceptional safety and quality, Kokosing companies provide extensive resources for our customers. Kokosing Industrial specializes in heavy civil, industrial manufacturing, marine, power and energy, and water treatment construction for both public and private clients.

At Third Sun Solar, one of our core values has always been Growth. Our hunger for knowledge and continuous improvement keeps us at the top of our ever-evolving industry. As we transition, we remain the same company we have been for over 22 years, with more resources and improved experience for our team and clients alike.


Our Future

In order to keep up with growing demand and fully realize our mission, in 2022 we were acquired by Kokosing Industrial and became Third Sun Kokosing Solar.   

Third Sun Solar’s 22 plus years of experience in the solar EPC industry performing residential and commercial solar energy installations will be bolstered with additional resources, leading to improved customer experience. 

We look forward to employing even more individuals in the renewable energy industry as we grow. Providing more clean energy jobs with good pay, good benefits, and a secure future for community members is part of our work to accelerate the shift to clean energy.  

Why Third Sun Kokosing Solar?

Solar energy is an exciting, rapidly expanding industry. If you look around, you will find many new entrants jumping aboard “the next big thing”. We are not one of them. Third Sun Kokosing Solar brings more than 22 years of solar installation experience and 71 years of construction experience to homeowners. We have many years behind us and a bright future ahead; we will be your trusted, long-term partner. Our goal is to create an allegiance that will generate referrals and expansion projects long after many of the newcomers have dropped out. We will get you started with solar, accelerate its financial benefits, and position you for a bright, economical energy future. 

Giving Back

Third Sun Kokosing Solar makes a special effort to support worthy causes in our community. We enlist the help of our employees and friends in giving financial and volunteer support to the people and organizations that are making a difference.

Third Sun Kokosing Solar is committed to having an impact in the local communities where we are headquartered and work. One way to demonstrate that impact is through charitable giving or donations. Community requests for donations exceeds the resources available for us to give, so unfortunately we are unable to contribute to every request we receive. Because of this, our company has determined its charitable priorities to be the in the following areas:

Is it possible for a business to be a force for good as the challenges of social progress and climate converge? Join Third Sun Solar CEO and 20-year solar industry expert Geoff Greenfield as he discusses this important subject with a diverse selection of people leading the change the clean energy economy. Guests range from business leaders and policy advocates to the “boots on the roof”: the rapidly diversifying workforce of the clean energy sector.

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If you are part of an organization requesting funding in the above areas, please fill out the form below to submit your request for donations. Donation decisions are reviewed quarterly. Third Sun Solar management will review and let you know if we can honor your request. Thank you!

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