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Solar Panel Installations to Save Cleveland County Money

Solar Part of Cuyahoga County’s Sustainability Plan Medical Examiner’s Office, Animal Shelter and Harvard Road Garage to See Energy Savings   CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH — The Cuyahoga County Department of Sustainability, in partnership with AEP Onsite Partners, LLC, is bringing energy savings to the County through the installation of solar panels on three County buildings. […]

Solar During a Power Outage: How It Works

Solar during a Power Outage When you install a solar energy system, you might expect that the lights will stay on when the power goes out because you’re generating your own power. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.   With grid tied solar systems, any excess power you create will be stored in the utility grid. The […]

Charles from Cincinnati, Ohio

“I had a solar array installed by Third Sun Solar on my new home about 2 years ago.  Third Sun made the process so easy and were efficient and responsive during the entire installation.   I now enjoy almost no electric bills especially April to October when I use the most electricity but get the most […]

David from Hamilton, Ohio

“Please thank your entire team for helping us through this process. It was something we have been thinking about for quite a while, but kept running into a lot of misinformation. I really appreciated the way your team worked with me. Starting with David who answered what probably seemed like endless questions to the end […]

Lithium Ion Batteries & New Advancements in Solar Storage

This week we celebrate advancements in the field of lithium-ion battery storage, with The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019 awarded to John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham, Akira Yoshino “for the development of lithium-ion batteries.” These batteries are the central technology in contemporary solar storage. While Lithium-Ion batteries are used in devices of all types, […]