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Energy Efficiency Home Maintenance Calendar 

Having an energy-efficient home means you are using less energy to do the same jobs. Using less energy is better for the environment and better for our wallets.     Like a regular check-up for your health, maintaining a home maintenance routine is essential for every house’s upkeep. Our Home Maintenance Calendar has an energy efficiency focus.    If […]

Leadership Transition Announcements

If we’ve learned anything over the years — it’s to embrace change.   Change is inevitable.   As springtime sets in, we’re reminded how much change we see every year. Trees start to bud, bulbs that have been sleeping under the surface come to flower, gardeners start planting in their gardens.   In the solar installation world, springtime means more calls from homeowners who see the long daylight hours and are reminded of their solar […]

Solar Quote Checklist: Video Series

Each solar company will provide you with a unique solar quote. There is a lot to learn when you start out on your journey to get free solar quotes. However, there are several key pieces of information that should be consistent with each proposal you receive.  We know comparing apples to oranges can be difficult, […]

Better Business

March is B Corps month, and B Corps Month’s theme in 2021 is Better Business.   We are celebrating what it means to be a Better Business! As part of this, we’re sharing that we ARE a B Corp and why our employees, leadership, and customers care!        What is a Benefit Corporation?    B Corps do business […]

Stakeholder Code of Conduct

Stakeholder Code of Conduct Third Sun Solar is committed to conducting our business in a conscientious manner that balances the needs of all our stakeholders. We measure our activities against the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility and verify our commitment through our Certified B Corporation status. Third Sun Solar holds the following expectations […]

Should I replace my roof before going solar?

We hear this question a whole lot: “should I replace my roof before going solar? It is an important question. Many homeowners are excited to go solar and start shopping without considering the condition of their roof. The fact that you’re thinking about it now is an excellent sign that you’re planning ahead to make […]