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Power a Clean Future Ohio: Local Action on Clean Energy

This February, we celebrate the 1st anniversary of the launch of Power a Clean Future Ohio.  Power A Clean Future Ohio is a nonpartisan coalition that works with local leaders to develop and implement proven climate solutions.     Power a Clean Future Ohio is committed to reducing carbon emissions throughout Ohio in big and small ways that make sense for […]

Can I Add More Solar Panels to My System? 

Can I Add More Solar Panels to My System? A frequent question we get from our clients, new and old, is: “Can I add more solar panels to my system?” Imagine this: you’re a homeowner with a solar system. Your system has been working great for years.  You are happy that every day you feel like you’re making a difference.   And you’re delighted to put your money towards an investment that adds […]

Solar Panel Installation – Common Questions

Solar Panel Installation is a hot topic in 2021. The solar investment tax credit has been extended. Prices have come down. But, shopping for solar isn’t always easy. We know you want products that make sense: economic sense, practical sense, aesthetic sense. You want to do your part but have concerns about payback and warranties. The […]

Solar Power is Safe and Secure 

5 Reasons Why A Solar Power System Is a Safe Investment     1.  The Sun Will Always Be There  Something no one can deny: the sun will rise again tomorrow.   Solar panels can still produce electricity on cloudy or rainy days, which is part of the reason solar works in Ohio.   Solar energy is better than other […]

Solar Power and Rural Electric Co-Ops in Ohio 

In the 1930s, Ohio established rural electric cooperatives. At the time, investor-owned utilities refused to service rural areas because it did not make economic sense. The structure of rural electric cooperatives provided a means to get electricity to rural America. These cooperatives still stand today and are member-owned, like the title “cooperative” would suggest. Each participant in the […]

5 Solar Goals in the New Year

It’s this time of year you become flooded with content about resolution and goals. Much of this content has to do with health, fitness, and wellness. Our intention with this post is not to add to that noise but instead, give you the opportunity to learn something new. Your goals and resolutions are up to […]

Santa Goes Solar: Case Study

All Santa & Mrs. Clause wanted for Christmas this year was to GO SOLAR. This holiday season Mr. & Mrs. Claus installed a 27.6 kW solar array at their personal home on the North Pole. They paired their solar purchase with the addition of four Tesla Powerwall’s to keep the Christmas lights lit and hot […]