Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics

Project Overview

Nancy Miller is the CEO and co-owner of Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics in Belpre, Ohio. Her business provides prosthetic and orthotic services in the Mid-Ohio Valley. They strive to return patients back to the activity level they desire from walking and moving to running, fishing, and hunting. Third Sun Solar has been proud to work with a mission-driven business, working as a force for good in the world.  

The Solar Journey

As a member of the Belpre Area Chamber of CommerceNancy first became interested in solar after hearing a presentation made by Luke Sulfridge with the Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council. His presentation explained the free solar assessment process 

Nancy says “Our business, Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics, is eager to stay on the leading edge of technologyWe were the first in our area to request the free solar assessment which also included a quote on the serviceAfter the assessment, I inquired about the REAP (Rural Energy for America Program) grant process with Randel MonehemiusMr. Monehemius is the Business Program Specialist for the Ohio State office, Rural Development of the United States Department of AgricultureHe provided a list of solar companies, and I chose Third Sun Solar for a second quote.”  

What was the businesses motivation for going solar?  

Nancy says: We are interested in being good stewards of our environmentClean energy is very important, and we are always exploring new technology and looking for efficient business solutions in all areas.”  

The solar journey for the business was straightforwardThey learned that, with the REAP grant and the Federal Tax Credit for solar, the investment in solar panels would be possible. Through the quoting process, they also learned that their location provided ample sun exposure.  

An obstacle they faced when going solar? Nancy says: There were several companies out thereEach quote takes timeAfter researching online, I selected a few companies that were close to our location and had solid experience.”  

When searching for a local solar installer, Nancy paid close attention to these key elements:
  • Location of the solar company 
  • Strong references 
  • Experience of the contractor 
  • Price of the panels and installation 

These are great points for homeowners and businesses alike to keep in mind when choosing a solar installer. The physical structure of our businesses and our homes are often our most valuable assets. Choosing a solar installer to modify and upgrade these valuable assets is an important task. That is why we always encourage solar shoppers we work with to ask for referenceslook at experience, and make sure their solar partner will be there for them throughout the length of this long-term investment.  

What has the business liked most about the solar energy system – so far?

Nancy says:  “We had a very good experience from getting the information needed to apply for the REAP grant to designJarrod Starr was very knowledgeable about the process and materialsWe also found confidence after our site visit by Adam BrownHe explained the cost and benefits about locating the panels on the roof vs our initial thought of locating on the hillside behind the buildingHe also helped guide us in picking out panels that would look good with our building. 

We were lucky with great weather for the week of installationJake and his crew did a nice job and were able to install without any disruption to our day to day business 

The power company, AEP, installed the bi-directional meter within a few days of the permit and we were able to turn on the panels the next day – which we were pleased to have 100% sunshine.”  

With the investment in Solar, Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics is acting on their intention to be environmentally sustainable.

While offsetting 100% of their energy with renewable power, this energy is enough to annually offset:  

  • Greenhouse gas emissions from 3 passenger vehicles driven for 1 year 
  • CO2 Emissions from charging 1,839,656 smartphones  
Talk about big energy savings!

Since our installation, we have had several comments from our patients, employees and community members on how they like our new solar panelsThe Solar Edge app is a great way to get immediate feedback on how much power the panels are producing. – Nancy Miller, CEO, and co-owner of Miller Prosthetics & Orthotics.  

If you are interested in learning more about solar, the REAP Grant, solar incentives, and more – reach out for a free, no-obligation solar assessment.  

Halpin Plumbling

Project Overview

When Cincinnati Based Halpin Plumbing began looking for a contractor to install their first solar project, they sought an established solar installer. As a small business and contractor, they knew how important is would be to choose a contractor with expertise, many positive referrals, a longstanding legacy and who will be around for the long haul. That’s why they chose Third Sun Solar.

Baltimore ACE Hardware

Project Overview

The Baltimore ACE Hardware project in Baltimore, Ohio consists of (161) 330-watt Hanwha modules mounted on the roof of the building. This creates a total array size of 53,130 watts (53.13 kW). It’s estimated that the solar array will offset 70-80% of the electricity used annually by the facility. The system is grid-tied, making net metering possible with the local utility. Because these solar panels produce DC electric, the current passes through 4 SolarEdge inverters and is converted to AC current that is synchronized with the local utility grid.

The solar project includes a SolarEdge web-based monitoring system. This tool allows the facility to view the system performance online at any time via the web portal

Federal Hocking

Project Overview
When Federal Hocking local schools sought to make their 20-year dream of solar a reality, they first called locally owned and operated Third Sun Solar for consultation. Third Sun Solar worked with the school district for years and assisted in project development and finding a financing partner. Federal Hocking selected Third Sun Solar for our expertise in both solar project development and construction. The 700 kW solar array will offset 70% of the school’s annual energy use with renewable power.
“The message here is if we can do it, anybody can do it. This should be done everywhere. We are a small, rural district. We’re not a giant district, we don’t have a ton of money, but we can make this happen and other people can make it happen to.” – George Wood, former Federal-Hocking Local Schools Superintendent
While the financial benefits to the school are very attractive, the benefits to the local economy, like the growing number of solar jobs, are also very important. Several employees who worked on the project were students at Federal-Hocking High School and Joint Vocational School.
Project Financing:
The project is a result of an innovative approach to financing renewable energy projects offered by New Resource Solutions (NRS). NRS plays “matchmaker” to entities that want to add renewable energy as a power source with investors who see the value in smaller-scale, community-centered projects. NRS then works with both parties to see the project through development to installation.
Legal and tax structure:
The array was built and installed by a partnership consisting of the installer, Third Sun Solar, New Resource Solutions, who structured the financing and Foundation Renewable Energy Company, the system owner and operator.

Cleveland/ Cuyahoga County – Cuyahoga Animal Shelter, Medical Examiner & Harvard Garage

Project Overview

Two-hundred and twenty-two solar panels have been installed at the Animal Shelter

The Medical Examiner’s Office is currently having 488 solar panels installed. Roof repairs on the Harvard Road Garage are currently being conducted, then 1,948 panels will be installed.

All installations should be completed by Spring 2020. The solar panels are expected to yield a total of 1,147,000 kwh of energy. The panels would account for 13 percent of the total load for the Animal Shelter, three percent for the Medical Examiner’s Office and 25-30 percent for the Harvard Road Garage.


Muskingum County Library

Project Overview

Muskingum County Library went solar as part of a large-scale grant through the library system XX.

The Muskingum Library solar array is a 66.2 kilowatt system comprised of 192 solar panels. The Muskingum Library solar system will offset an annual equivalent of 57 Metric Tons of CO2.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Project Overview

In the fall of 2020, Third Sun Solar installed a ground-mounted solar array as part of a larger microgrid installation at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

From the beginning, Third Sun Solar worked closely with Worley and Claypool Electric to design and present a microgrid solution to the Columbus Zoo and American Electric Power (AEP). After many meetings and presentations, the group was a finalist and ultimately awarded this project through a competitive selection process. A microgrid is a grouping of electrical loads that are normally connected to one grid but can also disconnect to an “island mode” where it functions independently. When on “island mode,” the microgrid at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium will be powered by solar and battery systems. The 134.4 kW ground-mounted solar array, designed and installed by Third Sun Solar, provides power to the microgrid system. Worley contracted Third Sun Solar to construct and design the solar portion of the array. Worley designed and engineered the battery energy storage system, and Third Sun Solar partnered with Claypool Electric to build and install the entire system. The ground-mounted solar array powers an extensive battery system behind the meter of the Polar Frontier complex. The energy from the solar panels is used in the batteries and helps to power a portion of the polar bear exhibit, and the entire system works like a backup generator, providing renewable energy when needed.

A Groundbreaking Project

AEP Ohio is a subsidiary of AEP and commissioned the microgrid project. The microgrid at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is the first of its kind for the company. The microgrid is a “demonstration” system that will allow AEP Ohio to monitor the applications and functions of a microgrid at this scale. AEP Ohio will learn how independent, customer-sited, behind-the-meter microgrids can help the customer and the utility grid alike. In addition to AEP Ohio, utilities across the country will be eager to understand the value the microgrid provides.
Third Sun Solar is proud to be a partner in this innovative project, in collaboration with Claypool Electric, Worley, and AEP Ohio.

More about Third Sun Solar

Third Sun Solar is Ohio’s leading full-service solar installation company, providing top-quality design and installation since 2000, serving residential and commercial clients in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, and beyond.

More about Worley

WorleyParsons Limited, branded as Worley after completing Jacobs’ Energy, Chemicals & Resources division, is an engineering company that provides project delivery and consulting services to the resources and energy sectors and complex process industries.

More about Claypool Electric

Claypool Electric, Inc. is the preferred provider of electrical and communications infrastructure projects in Central Ohio. Family-owned since 1954, they have maintained a reputation for excellence in the craft and integrity in dealings.


Project Overview

System Size: 45.9 kW

Completed: 2019

KOA, an Ohio based Global Consumer Care Products company with numerous brands chose to go solar in 2019.  Through the design and engineering process, they selected their research and development and offices as the ideal location to install the panels.

KOA uses recycled and recyclable materials in all product containers and contributes 1% of annual proceeds towards efforts to remove plastic from the oceans. They are a world leader in ethical business practices. The solar energy system reduced 50 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually by providing a clean alternative to the 44,700 pounds of coal that would have been needed to provide equivalent energy. Solar offsets KOA’s annual energy use by .68%. Despite being such a small percentage of annual usage.


Project Overview

System Size: 340 kW

Completed: 2019

When nationally renowned personal care brand and Ohio manufacturer Barbasol chose to go solar, their team sought an experienced solar installation professional. Barbasol is motivated to use their national platform to promote their sustainable business practices, such as installing solar. The solar energy system reduced 314 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually by providing a clean alternative to the 172 tons of coal that would have been needed to provide

Adamsville, Ohio Agricultural Project


Adamsville, Ohio Agricultural Project

This is only one of the many farms in the Midwest taking advantage of solar energy. With over 340 watt modules that produces 131.1kW, this location proved to be a great site to install a solar array.