The Solar Mainstream

At Third Sun Solar, our approach to bringing solar into the mainstream is to deliver the highest value solutions to every one of our customers.

Third Sun Solar array at Evolving Enterprises, Cincinnati

So how close is solar to becoming mainstream? Solar technology has been around for 50 years, and has matured to the point of very high reliability. The industry is enjoying rapid growth in system deployment as more people realize the benefits. With solar, the cost of fuel is free forever. And the maintenance requirements are smaller than for just about any other performance device you can put on your building. So it can also be a sound economic investment, if done right.

And doing it right is the crux of the issue. To cross the threshold of becoming mainstream, it is absolutely critical that solar energy systems make energy. Not just a little energy – as much energy as possible, and more importantly, as much energy as you expect it to when you make that investment. Today, that requires an experienced solar system integrator who can bring together the engineering, the technical, the electrical, the financial, and the utility-connection aspects of solar—so it is designed, engineered, constructed and monitored correctly, and generates all the power it should.

There are very few Ohio companies who are positioned to offer the highest level of expertise in integrating all of these various critical factors. At Third Sun Solar, we have over 10 years experience, 300 installations, and perhaps our greatest asset, the long view—that is, the patience to guide customers toward the best solar solution, which usually does not produce the fastest buck. But that’s okay. We will be here for many sunrises to come.

Donations for Cancer Research

Third Sun is proud to be a supporter of this year’s Pelotonia and the fundraising team of Bo’s Tire Barn, whose four riders raised $10,000 last year in support of the cancer research taking place here in Central Ohio at the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.  Last year, the two-day 180-mile cycling fundraiser raised over $4.5 MN dollars.  The 2010 six-rider team has set, and is fast achieving its goal, of $30,000!

We wholeheartedly support the mission of the Pelotonia and are excited to be a part of the effort to raise funds for this cause.  Like so many, we too have lost loved-ones to this dreaded disease, but we also are grateful for the family and friends that have won their battles with cancer with the help of institutions like the James and Solove.

As a growing business in Central Ohio, we also recognize that support of Pelotonia benefits our customers, our community and the Third Sun family, so we are proud to do our part.

We hope you will join us in supporting the fundraising riders of Bo’s.  They are a diligent and committed fundraising team and promotional partner.  They are doing some pretty tough training so as to be  – as they put it – “worthy of their donors’ support.”

Pelotonia 2010 and Third Sun Solar – raising funds to end cancer!

Bo’s Tire Barn : Powered by Third Sun Solar (Athens, OH)

There was never any question about the team riding the Pelotonia again. We want to do all we can to keep raising funds to support cancer research. The only question was “How could we raise more for the cause?” Last year, the four of us scrambled to meet our team goal of $10,000 on the last day of fund raising. It was a lot of work (harder than the pedaling), but it was worth it. We received a tremendous amount of support from over 120 donors and we were (and are) extremely grateful. With Pelotonia expanding, we knew some of our donors might have to split their contributions amongst more than one rider, so we also knew we had to do more than train hard to be worthy of your continued support.

Well… we are excited to announce that this year your contributions for cancer research will be 30% more powerful, thanks to a 30% match by our corporate sponsor – Third Sun Solar, the Midwest’s preeminent solar power installers. In addition to Third Sun’s support of Bo’s efforts, Third Sun will be a partner to the Pelotonia by supplying solar-generated electric power to the kick-off and finish lines.
We are honored by the opportunity to represent Third Sun and we are proud to be helping the company accelerate the shift to clean energy by spreading the word about the compelling commercial and residential ROI for solar power in Ohio. The company is a natural fit for this event and we hope that in return for their generous support of cancer research, we can provide important exposure for the company and its mission. So, please be sure to check-out their web site to learn more about this surprisingly viable source of renewable energy, whose time has come.
This year, Bo’s peloton will be six strong:
Brendan Flaherty – our Captain and 2009 Bo’s top fundraiser
Shawn McGrath – Corporate Sponsorship Officer
Dave Bowers – Chief Pilot
Scott Siebenaler – Team Nutritionist and TOSRV Participant
Megan – Team Food Taster & Fashion Designer
Kristin – Head of Security
On a final note…One of our teammates lost his father this spring. Al Siebenhaler was 81 and survived a serious brush with cancer in the 1980’s. A bittersweet reminder of what this event is all about.

NEW! Toll Free Number

NEW! Toll Free Number

Now it is even easier to contact Third Sun to get your project started – use our new Toll Free Number.  1-877 OWN SOLAR (696-7652)