Third Sun Solar has been designing and installing solar energy systems for residential and commercial clients in Cincinnati Ohio and across Ohio since 2000.

Save With Solar

Most Third Sun Solar homeowners save between 50-85% of their annual electricity costs.

Power Your Life

We believe you should be able to choose how your power is made and be able to make it where it is needed.

Live Clean & Green

We help customers go green with a clean energy source that supports and enhances their healthy lifestyle.

How Solar Works
Today’s modern solar systems are remarkably simple. When exposed to daylight, solar panels produce electric current. This is passed through a device called an inverter that conditions the power to perfectly match your utility power. Your home will now use solar power first, and the utility is there for nighttime and additional power needs. When your system makes more power than is needed in the home, the excess goes out to the utility grid for a credit.

Why go Solar in Cincinnati Ohio?

  • Solar provides freedom from unpredictable utility rate hikes
  • With solar the fuel is free, so you can lock in your power costs and control your future
  • Save money for the things that matter
  • Live a cleaner, greener energy lifestyle
  • Increase your homes property value