• What Sets Us Apart

Our Mission

At Third Sun Solar, we share a single mission:

Accelerate the shift to clean energy.

We base our solar energy systems, services, and solutions on five core values.

Our Core Values

We Make It Easy and Enjoyable to Go Solar

The successful design and installation of a high-performing solar energy system is a complex process — for us, not for you. We own the burden of the paperwork and subsidy mechanisms that will speed your ROI. Our outstanding staff manages all the details with efficiency and confidence, providing you with clean energy and a system that makes you proud.

Our Passion for Solar Drives Our Excellence

Every one of our team members is passionate about solar. It shows in every Third Sun project. Today, solar is about more than idealism — it is about practicality. Our care, dedication, and commitment to your installation ensure the delivery of the finest system and the best customer experience. That is the Third Sun way.

Our Expertise Lets Us Deliver Optimized Solutions

Our promise is to optimize your clean energy performance and financial return. By choosing Third Sun, you can avoid costly mistakes and missed opportunities. We stake our valuable reputation on the opportunity to serve you well, to maximize your system performance, and to deliver the best possible return on your investment. We believe in solar, and we know that it only truly succeeds as a clean energy solution if it enhances your bottom line.

We Are In This for the Long Haul

Solar energy is an exciting, rapidly-expanding industry. If you look around, you will find many new entrants jumping aboard the next big thing. We are not one of them. Third Sun has many years behind us and a bright future ahead; we will be your trusted, long-term partner. Our goal is to create an allegiance that will generate referrals and expansion projects long after many of the newcomers have dropped out. We will get you started with solar, accelerate its financial benefits, and position you for a bright, economical energy future.

We Act With Integrity

The culture at Third Sun Solar starts with our mission and values to create a strong foundation upon which we’ve built a customer-centric organization filled with great people. Every one of our team members have strong moral and ethical convictions that enable them to make good decisions and put the customer first, staying true to themselves and the Third Sun family.

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