An Innovative Collaboration of Quality Solar Energy Companies

100% Member Owned Cooperative

Founded in fall of 2011, the Amicus Solar Cooperative is a buying cooperative where independent businesses support each other by sharing best practices & pooling buying power.

What is Amicus? Amicus is a purchasing cooperative that is jointly owned and managed by our member companies.

This model allows Third Sun Solar, an average sized regional solar business, to negotiate equipment purchases as though it were a $500 Million company. Average sized businesses like Third Sun Solar don’t have the big buying power of huge corporate solar installers. So, having this strong value chain relationship is important. As a result, the partnership helps local solar installation companies thrive and creates a competitive advantage. Amicus empowers solar entrepreneurs by giving them a way to compete on the big stage. In the end, jobs and money stay in your neighborhood!  

Membership in Amicus Solar allows Third Sun Solar to achieve scale while still maintaining the feel of a smaller local company. 

Read more about Amicus here.

Why does Third Sun Solar’s membership in Amicus make a difference to our customers?

  • We purchase better equipment at lower prices. This allows us to provide better pricing to you without cutting any corners
  • Your system’s performance, quality and operational efficiency all improve. Why?  Amicus members share best practices & technical knowledge
  • You have access to superior financing partners for residential and commercial loans   
  • Amicus vets all suppliers. We only choose companies with good track records so we can assure you that the equipment you’re investing in is the best out there
  • It allows you to support in state installers instead of larger, national companies without sacrificing cost or quality