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Frequently Asked Questions

There is an error message in my inverter- what should I do?

During daylight hours, begin by resetting your system.  

  1. Turn off the DC disconnect on the inverter (black dial on the front or bottom).   
  2. This is a lever located next to your utility meter outside, this is your systems AC disconnect. Turn it off. 
  3. Wait five minutes, turn the AC back on first then the DC on your inverter. 

You should see a normal screen with no error message. If you continue to see an error message, or if a problem like this persists, please submit a Service Request Form. 

I don’t see any data on my monitoring website – what should I do?

If the sun is down, the system is shut off and the monitoring website will not show production. If the monitoring site does not show any data during daylight hours, please submit a Service Request Form

What happens when the sun goes down?

At night your solar panels and inverter power off. They will turn back on in the morning when the sun comes back.  

There is snow on my solar panels- should I clear it off?

At Third Sun, we do not recommend trying to clear the solar panels. Getting onto a roof in inclement weather is dangerous and using any type of tool on the panels themselves can damage the panels.  

Snow will usually melt quickly off your panels. Overall, yearly production loss from snow cover is very small. 

Read more about solar in the snow here.

Does my solar system still work if the power goes out?

Unless you have backup batteries, the answer is no.  

Once the power comes back, check to see if your inverter is displaying an error message. If so, see the steps to reset your inverter above. If the display look normal- you are good to go!  

Read more about battery backup here.

One of my solar panels is not producing! What should I do?

If one of your solar panels is not producing, it is likely an issue with the optimizer.

Under each solar panel is an optimizer, which maximizes the DC electrical current from each solar panel. The good news is, when a single optimizer goes down, all of your other panels are still producing. Given a standard solar system, this effects energy production at about 3%.

Please give us a call or submit a Service Request Form to report the issue.

What are the best solar panels?

For our solar panel  installations, we are very careful to find…