What brand of solar panels is best?

For efficiency sake, we have a large supply of Trina solar panels. Trina is a world-class supplier of high-quality panels. Using them enables to us to use the highest quality equipment at the best prices and maintain a very efficient delivery operation. However, we are not wed to any one manufacturer. There are approximately 80 […]

What are the pros and cons of micro-inverters?

We have experience with installing both micro-inverter systems as well as centralized inverters systems and can help to accommodate what is best for your renewable energy and project goals. One obvious diffidence between micro-inverters in comparison to centralized inverters is an increase in price to install micro-inverters. Some pros for micro-inverters: ad hoc expandability optimal […]

Why install solar panels on the roof?

Why on the roof? Why not on the ground? We can build solar panel systems on the roof or on the ground. Rooftop solar offers a lower-cost option. The roof is an existing structure that can usually serve well as a mounting surface for solar panels. A ground-mounted solar system requires a foundation and may […]