Solar panel subsidies and incentives

Solar panel subsidies and incentives might increase in the future—if I install solar panels now, will I miss out on solar panel incentives? There are two broad classes of solar incentives: Purchase-based incentives and Performance-based incentives. Purchase-based incentives are tied to the cost of the system, and apply one-time-only to the purchase of a new […]

Should I wait to buy solar panels?

Like all emerging technology-based businesses, the solar industry continues working on technical improvements. According to physicists, the theoretical maximum possible efficiency of a solar cell is 31%. Current laboratory cell efficiencies are hovering around 24%. So there is some room for growth in efficiency, but as the maximum efficiency is approached, each incremental increase is […]

Will solar panel prices continue to drop?

Solar panel prices have been falling ever since the technology was invented. 40 years ago the solar cells alone (not counting the other components) cost $2,000 per watt. Today, an entire system, including permitting and engineering, can be built for about $2 per watt. The previous two years alone saw a nearly 50% reduction in […]