What is the environmental impact of solar panel manufacturing?

Solar panels are manufactured using similar methods as the manufacture of computer chips and glass panels. How much greenhouse gas does solar panel manufacture emit? The answer depends on the type of solar panel, says Vasilis Fthenakis, head of the Photovoltaic Environmental Research Center at Brookhaven National Lab. Fthenakis and has conducted extensive research on […]

How long does solar last?

Solar panels last 30 years or more. The industry standard panel warranty is this: 10 year workmanship warranty 25 year power warranty Some modules, such as Trina, have a linear power warranty. Most however, have a two-tier step warranty that guarantees this: 90% power at year 10 80% power at year 25 Solar panels degrade […]

What if the solar panels produce more electricity than we need?

Grid-tied solar electric systems automatically feed power into your house. Any excess electricity produced by the solar system and not used by your home is put onto the electric grid and spins your electric meter backward. Your utility credits you on your bill at the retail rate for the kWh produced.