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Find out how easy it is to go solar and save on your utility bill. It only takes one call to see if solar can save you from rising electricity rates.

26% Solar Tax Credit

Timing is everything when you’re thinking of purchasing a solar system for your home. If you want to get the most savings on your solar install… now is the time to start exploring your options.

Your Guide to Going Solar

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Cash Back Energy Guarantee

Solar provides freedom from unpredictable utility rate hikes. With solar the fuel is free, so you can lock in your power costs and control your future.


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"With costs coming down and the tax credit, the actual expense became a no brainer with payback being a pretty short period. Being tied to the grid with a smart meter for back up alleviated any worries of large battery packs or monitoring usage and alleviated that concern. "

Solar Customer, Cincinnati, Ohio

Solar Customer, Columbus, Ohio

"However, after working with Third Sun Solar, I believe a significant piece of the puzzle was finding the right company with which to work. Everyone at Third Sun was very willing to answer questions and explain the technology as well their process down to the smallest details necessary for me to make the right decision."

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