Geoff Greenfield:

For me, the number one driver, the number one benefit is that you get useful power without doing harm to others, without putting more and more CO2 and other byproducts into the atmosphere, raising global temperatures.

The only cost that a solar system has is the first upfront cost of building the solar system and a very minimal cost of potential maintenance over the lifetime. Compared to a conventional fossil fuel system where you build that first system, you have to keep buying that fuel year after year after year. Solar really drives just about everything on this planet. The fuel is free.

Michelle Greenfield:

I think it goes back to seeing the negative effects of pollution: on the environment, on the water, on the air. Seeing the effects of pollution on the people. I have a lot of compassion and care for our fellow human beings no matter where they live or their walk of life.

I see this as a technology that can make the world a better place to live in.