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Choosing a Solar Installer in Columbus Ohio

Wondering how to choose a solar installer in Columbus Ohio?

One of the most prominent places we do business at Third Sun Solar is Ohio’s Capital: Columbus, Ohio, and the Greater Columbus Area. While we work across Ohio, we’ve been a solar installer in Columbus, Ohio, for the past 20 years. We work closely with homeowners in all areas all over the city.

Columbus is an Expanding City

Developers keep solar in mind as they build new communities.

Home Owners Associations have fielded many questions over the years from homeowners interested in solar power. We have watched as many communities governed by HOA’s see rule changes, allowing residential solar arrays.

We even see new homebuyers thinking about rolling Solar into their big home purchase.

Thanks to net metering in Ohio, the Federal Solar Tax Credit, zero down financing with zero payment for 12 months, among other perks, solar in Columbus has never been more affordable.

Solar panels aren’t just an environmental decision. They’re a wise economic decision, too—solar cuts down the amount you pay from your utility provider. Through net-metering in Ohio, any excess power your solar system produces is sent back to the utility grid for your neighbors to use. You get credits for that energy your system produces, and you can use those credits for any utility power you use during times that your solar system isn’t producing energy.

Testimonials from our Columbus, Ohio Customers

“After considering solar for several years, I convinced myself I was waiting for the technology to achieve a critical performance that would represent the right time to move forward. However, after working with Third Sun Solar, I believe a significant piece of the puzzle was finding the right company with which to work. Everyone at Third Sun was very willing to answer questions and explain the technology as well their process down to the smallest details necessary for me to make the right decision… Read more

“I have a home with a complex electrical system that includes a whole home backup generator, multiple sub-panels, and an external garage where the solar panels were installed. Third Sun easily was able to install a great 33-panel system that works flawlessly. They were very professional and responsive from day one. I have no regrets. They delivered exactly what they said they would, and actually started and finished the project early… Read more

“We had a tremendous experience with Third Sun Solar. As I met with several solar companies, I was quickly drawn toward Third Sun as they helped empower me with knowledge about solar energy so I could make the best decision for my family. Once we decided to work with Third Sun, they were professional and easy to work with throughout the entire process. We love our solar energy system and can’t give a more positive recommendation to Third Sun! Read more

Find more testimonials from customers living in Columbus and beyond.

About Third Sun Solar in Columbus Ohio

Third Sun Solar is Ohio leading solar installer with the most experience in the state. We’ve been working with residential and commercial clients for the past 20 years. We love working with clients in Columbus, Ohio. Here’s why:

  • Columbus Embraces Solar – form the SMART Columbus Electric Vehicle initiative, to solar embraced at the city and county level Columbus is a city that supports solar energy.
  • Columbus Residents Deserve the Best Value – finding the highest quality solar installer is essential to everyone. We believe homeowners in Columbus should have access to a reputable, mission-driven solar installer who uses high-quality components.
  • Columbus Residence Deserve Transparency – it’s crucial for you to feel heard during your solar journey. No matter the stage you’re at, we will work with you to understand your goals and what type of solar solution makes the most sense for you, your family, and your home.

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