Solar Ohio Customer Experience Matters

Customer Experience Matters

When you are considering installing solar, customer experience matters.

When you first start on your journey, you’re thinking about a lot. You’re considering if your home is a good fit for solar energy, what your target monthly payment is, when you will see a return on investment.

Once you decide that the time is right, there is one more big consideration: choosing the right solar partner. Getting to know your solar partner before you sign your contract is essential. You want a good partner that demonstrates integrity and has your best interest at heart – from day one for years to come.

As a locally owned, longstanding solar company with a solid reputation, Third Sun Solar is dedicated to our communities best interests. Our business model is rooted not just in being a great solar installer but also in being a good neighbor.

Here is our formula for driving a high-quality customer experience.

Consultative Approach

When you have built your business on friends telling friends about your service, you know building relationships is critical. So many of our customers found us after hearing their friends or family talking about us.

Building relationships with our clients is the root of our business. We don’t do high-pressure sales because we understand that that’s not how good neighbors treat one another.

After 21 years in business, we know that solar is complex, the solar journey can be long and winding, and we’re here to be a guide to help you navigate. We work every day to educate our community about solar energy and work towards advancing our mission.

Communication is Key

Even after you sign up for solar energy, your solar journey isn’t over! The process from contract signing to installation is a new leg in the journey. It’s our role to keep you in the loop as we design, permit, schedule, and order equipment for your project.

Our staff is great at managing all these elements and have excellent technical knowledge, but they have great people skills too. In fact, that’s something we look for when we hire new team members.

Integrity Takes a Front Seat

When you’re as passionate about our company mission as we are, everyone is committed to rolling up their sleeves and working hard on behalf of our customers.

From explaining how to take the Federal Solar Tax Credit, unpacking your Rural Electric Co-Ops unique rules and regulations, and explaining how to read your electric bill — we’re here for you.

When it comes to installing solar, much of the work we do and customer education we give is state-specific. All our public utilities operate under the guidance of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. They are required to follow specific rules regarding net metering and interconnection policies. These policies differ by state, so it is crucial to work with an installer familiar with Ohio policies, so the customer can be fully educated and understand their options and the true economics of their investment.

We believe in this industry, and our planet needs our services.

Commitment to You, For Years to Come

Once you get your first electric bill after installing solar energy – we celebrate! Then, we sit down to explain what it all means.

If you are exploring solar energy for your home, we know that you are a lifelong learner. It comes as no surprise that even after you have solar installed, there is always more to learn! And we are here for you every step of the way.


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