Greening Your Home Before You Go Solar

Energy efficiency means you are using less energy to do the same jobs. Using less energy is better for the environment and better for our wallets.

If you plan to go solar eventually, there is an added benefit in greening your home before going solar.

When you implement green energy practices in your home before going solar, you reduce your electricity consumption. Reduced annual electric consumption decreases the amount of electricity your solar panels must generate to match your household usage.

Remember – every home is different – these suggestions, cost estimates, and impact estimates and generalized. But they should do the trick to get you started and give you energy efficiency inspiration for your home.

In This Guide You’ll Find Information About:

  • Hot Water Heater Blankets
  • Hot Water Temperature Cards
  • LED Lightbulbs
  • SMART Thermostat
  • Attic Insulation
  • Attic Staircase Cover
  • Energy Efficient Power Strips
  • Low Flow Faucet Aerators

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