National Voter Registration Day

Happy National Voter Registration Day! Have you registered to vote?

We have the right to vote. Let’s use it!

Don’t forget: the deadline is October 5th.  There is a recommendation this year to vote Absentee by Mail, or vote early at the Board of Elections. The hope is to reduce crowding at the polls and the potential exposure of people to COVID-19.

Resources for Voting in 2020:

  1. Check to see that you are registered to vote & that your address is current. Use this link to enter your name and county to find your registration.
  2. You must register to vote or update your address it before October 5, 2020.
  3. After you registered to vote, request an Absentee Ballot Application.
    •  Submit a request for an Absentee Ballot using this link
    • Every Ohioan who is registered to vote was sent an Absentee Ballot Application (but maybe not or maybe it got thrown out)
    • Click here for a video that walks you through filling out an Absentee Ballot Application
  4. Vote Early In Person – this is super easy option. If you don’t want to Vote Absentee by mailing in your ballot, you can go to your Board of Elections starting on October 6 and vote early. This avoids any mailing issues or long lines at the polls on election day.
  5. Voting on Election Day – You can vote at your precinct location. Some precincts might not be open because of lack of poll workers due to the pandemic, so be prepared for possible long lines.
  6. If you’re inclined, register to work at the poll, or be an election observer. Find more resources to get involved here.