Power a Clean Future Ohio Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Power a Clean Future Ohio: Local Action on Clean Energy

This February, we celebrate the 1st anniversary of the launch of Power a Clean Future Ohio Power A Clean Future Ohio is a nonpartisan coalition that works with local leaders to develop and implement proven climate solutions.  


Power a Clean Future Ohio is committed to reducing carbon emissions throughout Ohio in big and small ways that make sense for each local community.  


This week, Power a Clean Future Ohio celebrates and uplifts its partner communities to make Ohio a source for good news on clean energy. 


Their social media has lifted up communities across Ohio that are doing crucial local work to bring meaningful change. Take a look 


  • Cincinnati, Ohio, was the first city to join the campaign and is poised to power its city government with a massive new solar array! Read more >  
  • The City of Lakewood, Ohio, has committed to 100% renewable energy by 2025. Read more > 
  • The City of Athens was the first Ohio city to declare a climate emergency and launch plans for its biggest solar project. Read more > 
  • The City of Euclid is leading the way with the installation of solar panels on top of their public library and city hall. Read more >  
  • ALSO, this past fall, The City of Euclid adopted a goal to reduce emissions by 30% by 2030. Read more >  
  • The City of #Dayton created a sustainability office to increase efficiency and alternative energy sources. Read more >  
  • Lancaster Ohio is implementing a step-by-step approach to addressing climate change in an economic way. Read more >  
  • The Village of Silverton, Ohio offers 100% certified renewable energy to residents. Read more >
  • The City of Lorain, OH: Lorain Port and Finance Authority is helping property owners with loans to finance renewable energy projects. Read more >  
  • Reynoldsburg City Schools is leading the way in energy efficiency in its 14 district buildings. Read more > 


In celebration of 1 year of the Coalition, the Power For a Clean future has asked that we answer 1 question:


Why is local action on clean energy so important?

Neighbors Building a Movement

The leaders, the solar adopters, have led the charge on clean energy within communities. Individuals decide to own their power, choose clean, renewable energy and start a community movement. Neighbors telling neighbors is hands-down the best way we have seen people getting the word out about solar energy. These local networks build momentum, local knowledge, and trust in new systems (like solar energy!).

Collaborative Partnerships & Working Together

Large solar projects are often collaborative – they require corporations, municipalities, and non-profits to push big projects forward. We see a lot of collaborative work between local partners leading to big solar projects in communities. This type of coordinated action positions forward-thinking communities to serve as models for other cities as they transition to clean energy.

Local Jobs

Here at Third Sun Solar, we employ our talented community members. As we grow, we get to hire more of them.

As a company born in Appalachian Ohio, we know the devastating effects unsustainable jobs have on our communities. We imagine a vibrant, thriving future for our region and know that clean energy plays a key role.

More than 3 million US workers are employed in the clean energy field. Solar Installer has been at the top of the labor statistics’ fastest-growing jobs for quite some time. Ohio must take local action to utilize this momentum to create jobs where jobs are needed.

We’re excited about Ohio’s clean energy future, and we know that local action is foundational to accelerating the shift to clean energy.