Solar Power is Safe and Secure 

5 Reasons Why A Solar Power System Is a Safe Investment  


1.  The Sun Will Always Be There 

Something no one can deny: the sun will rise again tomorrow.  

Solar panels can still produce electricity on cloudy or rainy days, which is part of the reason solar works in Ohio 

Solar energy is better than other investments because it is an investment that relies on the sun showing up, not on people!  

2.  A Solar System Will Reduce Your Electric Bill

When turned on, your solar energy system will reliably produce energy for you. The solar power you make will reduce the amount you pay for electricity, an expense you knew you would always have. Turn around and put that money into something you own, and over time you will begin to see a payback on your investment.  

As fossil fuel’s full cost continues to rise, people increasingly see solar as the best hedge against rising energy prices. Solar power is the smartest and most secure pathway to energy independence.

3.  Solar Power Technology Is Tried and True

Today’s solar panels are tried and tested, well-engineered, have no moving parts, are aesthetically pleasing, and function well for thirty years and more.  

Solar panels have been around for quite some time and have proven reliability. Solar panels are a well-developed technology. 

4.  A Solar Energy System Is Tangible

When you purchase a solar energy system with Third Sun Solar, the solar system is yours. From the equipment to the power it generates – you own all of it.  

In fact, if you choose to finance your system, our lender does not even require a lien on your home because the equipment itself is an asset.  

The modules, the racking, the inverter, and the power it all generates has an inherent value. 

5.  Strong Installation and Manufacturer Warranties Back Your Investment

Warranties in the solar space may be confusing, but they are also through. We have broken down some of the most common types of warranties in the industry.  

Installer Warranties

Energy Production Guarente – Solar is a significant, long term investment. When you purchase a solar system from Third Sun Solar, we guarantee the energy production of the system that you bought for 5 years. You get cash back for the difference between the system as it was sold to you and what the system is producing. This, paired with the linear power warranties (described below), gives you the certainty that your investment will make energy just like you thought it would!  

Workmanship Warranty – At Third Sun Solar, we know that commissioning installers to come work on your roof, drill holes and run conduit can cause some nerves. That is why we warranty our workmanship for 20 years. And why do we trust our installers’ workmanship so much that we warranty it for 20 years? Because they’re part of our team. As a certified Benefit Corporation, we work a little differently than other solar installation companies. Our installation team attends company meetings and gets the same employment benefits that the rest of the team receives. Our folks stay with us longer as a result and have become experts at delighting homeowners with white-glove customer service.  

Manufacturer Warranties

Product Warranty – Product warranties protect you from defects in materials that may have happened during the manufacturing process. 

Through our Profession Installer status with the module manufacturers we partner with, we can offer our customers 25-year warranties on their solar modules. The product warranty promises that the workmanship and materials of the panels themselves will maintain their superior quality for at least 25 years. 

Linear Power Warranty – This ensures that solar panels will perform as expected for a set amount of time.  With our Profession Installer status, we can offer our customers a 25-year linear power warranty, too.  

 All solar panels slowly degrade over time. However, at 25 years, they are guaranteed to make between 90-80% (depending on module type) of what they made on day one.  With this higher warranted power and, thus, higher year-over-year yields, our customers enjoy greater ROI predictability. 

Find Security with Solar Backup 

With winter comes the reminder of the dangers of power outages. From the furnace to the fridge, keeping our homes powered is important to all of us. And, to some of us who have necessary medical equipment, keeping our homes powered reliably is especially important.  

When you go solar, you have the choice of adding solar batteries to your system. 

Grid-tied solar systems with battery backup provide the reliability and convenience of grid-tied, with backup power security when the grid fails.  

These systems send excess energy to the grid for credits, pull energy from the grid when the solar system is not producing, and have backup batteries that store power to use in times of a utility outage.  

Tesla Powerwall 

Tesla Powerwall charges depletes and recharges continually to keep a critical circuit of essential systems in your home up and running, no matter what. Powerwall detects grid outages and automatically becomes your home’s primary energy source. Through the Tesla App, you can manage your battery from anywhere. Powerwall receives free over-the-air updates, providing new features and improved performance over time.  


Your home is only a few simple and smart steps away from enjoying the security that solar energy provides. Contact us if you’re ready to start talking about solar for your home or business.