Solar Quote Checklist: Video Series

Each solar company will provide you with a unique solar quote. There is a lot to learn when you start out on your journey to get free solar quotes. However, there are several key pieces of information that should be consistent with each proposal you receive.  We know comparing apples to oranges can be difficult, so we’ve created a Video Series to spell it all out.

The presenter, David Zelasko, has been working with Third Sun Solar for over 5 years. Before working for us, David was a solar installer. David installed residential solar systems on rooftops across Cleveland, Ohio. Today, David works with homeowners on the regular. He listens to them talk about their goals and project ideas and puts together a solar quote unique for each of them.

The Solar Quote Video Series Contains

  1. Things to keep in mind when looking at the solar panel brands and models
  2. Considerations when comparing inverters
  3. Understanding various production factors – what math goes into the offset claim?
  4. A mini-checklist of 3rd party accreditation to screen for

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