Video Series: Solar Energy Storage

One of the top questions we get is: Can solar give me energy during a blackout?

This video series will give you an idea of the current state of solar battery technology.

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Answers to the Solar Storage questions we hear every day:

  • Why get battery backup?
  • What solar energy solution is right for you?
  • How much storage will my home need?
  • What kinds of considerations should I make at this stage?

Why Go Solar?

Third Sun Solar has been helping Ohio homeowners, businesses and institutions make the switch to solar for the past 20 years. We see that the transition is happening rapidly as solar efficiency has gone up, prices have dropped and the federal tax credit is in its final years. The goal of our Solar Energy Storage video series is to answer the questions you have back solar batteries, solar backup, and storing your solar energy – in bite-sized chunks.

A Solar Installer You Can Trust

Solar energy is an exciting, rapidly-expanding industry. If you look around, you will find many new entrants jumping aboard the next big thing. We are not one of them. Third Sun has many years behind us and a bright future ahead; we will be your trusted, long-term partner. Our goal is to create an allegiance that will generate referrals and expansion projects long after many of the newcomers have dropped out. We will get you started with solar, accelerate its financial benefits, and position you for a bright, economical energy future.

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