Glenn from Oberlin, Ohio

My wife and I have been interested in solar power for some time, and had a chance to attend a public information meeting organized by our local solar co-op, which itself was “in formation.” Third Sun was part of the presentation. The information provided made it clear that solar power was worth further exploration. We arranged to have an initial feasibility assessment on our home, and after that a detailed assessment to determine specifications, a cost-benefits projection, and structural review of the home. None of this involved more than a couple of hours. We received and reviewed a detailed proposal for the system, including performance projections and installation costs. The proposal and contract were remarkably clear, specific, and fair, including contingency provisions for unanticipated events. Installation was scheduled within a certain timeframe (making allowances for weather, etc.) and a target date was determined about a week or two in advance. Installation took 1 1/2 days (2 1/2 had been anticipated). In our case there was little need even to come inside the house (a vent pipe had to be relocated in the attic, and the inverter was installed in the garage). The system was inspected and approved on the morning of the third day, and we’ve been delighted ever since.