Patti from Columbus, Indiana

I had been interested in using solar to provide electricity for both financial and environmental reasons. My husband and I built a home in the Colorado mountains in the 1980’s and had investigated using some sort of solar to provide electricity. At that time, solar energy systems were in their infancy and were not affordable or very efficient.

Several years later we moved back to Indiana and because of the fact that Indiana does not have the amount of daily sunlight as Colorado, we did not really think that a solar type system would be efficient enough to offset the cost. Our local city in Indiana (which has a history of being “progressive”) had formed a panel to investigate solar energy and to help local residents with the planning and installation. After extensive research, the panel formed a “partnership” with Third Sun Solar to provide both information and incentives for local residents to “go solar”.

I contacted one of the the local panel members, attended a meeting, and was immediately sold on the idea of installing solar panels on my home, Third Sun Solar was there with me all the way through the process. Their agents provided me with a detailed written description of the solar system I would be installing, cost analysis, and timeline for the process. The entire process went just as described….and I have to say we are very pleased with our new system.

So far we have noticed a big reduction in our electric bills and the system actually looks great, Not to mention the environmental impact that this system will have over the years, I highly recommend the installation and use of a solar powered system for any home and can honestly say that my experience with Third Sun Solar was fantastic….from start to finish!!!