Solar Homeowner Testimonial Ohio

I have wanted to install solar panels on my house for years. Having replaced the roof recently, it was the right time. Third Sun Solar was a great company to work with to get the system that I needed to maximize roof space while still adhering to local ordinances. They were helpful in answers all questions from the initial contact through the planning, installation, and even to the initial operation. Even with all the load calculations, permitting, and contracts with the utility, Third Sun made it extremely easy by taking care of all the work except when a signature was needed. From start to finish, the project was complete in 4 months, and I was shocked that the actual installation only took a couple of days. And getting the system online with the SolarEdge equipment makes tracking the energy produced an entertaining and satisfying experience. Overall I was extremely happy with everything from start to finish and wouldn’t change anything from how it worked out.