Travis from Thornville, Ohio

As a mechanical engineer I’m always looking for ways to save on energy consumption and money. I’ve always had my eye on solar, but didn’t think it was quite where it needed to be to make it cost effective. I was wrong. I sat with Third Sun Solar at the Columbus Home and Garden show in February of this year just to see where things were at with solar. I really had no expectation about making a decision about solar that day, but when the consultant ran the numbers and answered my questions, I thought, wow, this makes sense. Certainly being able to reduce your family’s impact on the environment is a wonderful thing, but if it’s unaffordable, it’s not really an option. I was still expecting the 18-20 year payback on the investment. I was surprised to learn that I could get that down to a 10-11 year payback with the federal tax credit and the State of Ohio Eco-Link. That put me in the range of a 9 to 10 percent return on investment without any risk. At that point I knew I was going to proceed with a solar project. By June 6th I had 10 kW system with 37 panels on my roof producing power. Third Sun took care of all the details. The installation took about 3 sunny days and looked great when finished.