Solar Battery Backup Webinar Series

Power outages are unpredictable, but the dangers of power outages aren’t. Protect your home from the next power outage and keep your lights on, phones charged, home offices running and food cold. The best way to protect your family from grid failure is to invest in a backup power solution. 

Learn from our Solar Professionals: Solar Backup 101 


Backup Battery Power for Resiliency 


While early solar technology required batteries, most modern systems are battery-free, depending on the utility grid for power at night and on cloudy days. The cost and reliability of today’s Lithium-Ion batteries are quickly changing that, as more and more solar customers are choosing to include backup power in their systems. Have you always wanted to learn more about Solar energy storage or the new Tesla Powerwall? Join Third Sun President, Geoff Greenfield for a deep dive into solar batteries. Geoff has lived 100% off-grid with a variety of battery systems, and recently installed a Tesla Powerwall, his “last battery bank ever”. 


Become Self-Reliant with Solar Energy: Emergency Backup Options 



How we can strengthen our homes and businesses and become self-reliant in times of crisis?  

In this video, Consultant David Zelasko discusses battery storage and generator options to add to solar energy systems, which allows homeowners to harness the sun and power themselves even when the sun isn’t shining, or gird is down. You will learn about: Tesla Powerwall, Other Solar Batteries, Home generator options. 

Off-Grid Tesla Powerwall Experience  


Off-grid systems are ideal for individuals who live remotely and don’t have access to utility power. Off-grid solar systems use solar panels to charge a bank of batteries which then power your home at night, or when the solar PV system is not meeting the load demand, especially during winter. With an off-grid system, energy conservation is important. Using energy-efficient appliances, reducing your energy consumption, managing your electric loads, and relying on a backup generator are all elements of an off-grid lifestyle. 

Learn from Third Sun President and co-founder, Geoff Greenfield about his experience going “off-grid” with his Tesla Powerwall.  

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